Advocates Say Iowa Rehab Centers Need More Funds to Treat Addiction and Mental Illness

A recent roundtable discussion at Drake University addressed the difficulties of accessing mental health and addiction treatments in Iowa. According to former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Iowa ranks #50 in the country in regards to these two treatment types.

Advocates are saying that in order to combat the state’s public health issue, additional funds are needed for Iowa rehab centers and other agencies that can help residents who struggle with addiction and mental health disorders.

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Lack of Health Care for Addiction Treatment

Iowa Rehab Centers

Iowa hospitals don’t have enough beds to house the number of psychiatric patients residing in the state.

Ann Davidson worked as a psychiatric nurse at a state mental health institute for over 30 years before the facility and another like it were recently closed by Governor Terry Branstad. Davidson says now that these local facilities are closed, a total of 180,000 residents with mental illnesses have nowhere to go for treatment. She adds that mental health patients throughout Iowa lack access to psychiatric beds, especially since hospitals offer just a few days of inpatient stay.

Kennedy says Branstad fails to see mental illness as another physical illness like cancer or cardiovascular disease, and that it should be treated with the same urgency. Kennedy says mental health patients are often discriminated against, and that the illness should not be separated from the person. Kennedy is a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s plan for helping healthcare systems focus on treating the whole person, and not just select symptoms.

The Branstad administration has responded to Kennedy’s comments, saying there are an estimated 100 open psychiatric beds available throughout Iowa at any given time. The administration also pointed out that Branstad has signed over $310 million in mental health care funding since 2011, and that Iowa residents have more access to mental health care than ever before. However, many are still saying these funds aren’t helping, given Iowa’s ranking in mental health care and addiction treatment.

Treating Addiction and Mental Health at Rehab Centers

Many rehab centers throughout Iowa offer treatments that address mental health disorders and addiction at the same time. In fact, a large percentage of individuals who struggle with addiction also suffer from one or more co-occurring disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder. Iowa mental health patients who struggle with finding psychiatric care and available beds can explore rehab centers that combine mental health treatment with addiction treatment.

Individuals who seek addiction treatment at rehab first go through detoxification to overcome dependence on alcohol, opioids, or other substances. Following detox, patients participate in a series of counseling and therapy sessions that not only address the causes of addiction, but that also treat related mental health disorders. Patients can then leave rehab centers feeling healthier and more confident, and with the education and skills needed to re-enter society as clean and sober individuals.

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